Quotation from the inside flap:

If you thought women have finally become more accepted as real people with readier access to the conclaves of corporate power, read this book - you'll think again. Using statistical studies, interviews with executives and personnel managers, case studies, historical records, and court cases, Constance Backhouse and Leah Cohen show how pervasive sexual harassment is in the workplace.

The expression of power in the form of sexual harassment is what THE SECRET OPPRESSION is about. The authors examine the subtleties of sexual harassment: do women invite it (consciously or unconsciously)? What kind of man is likely to do it? Can woman sexually harass men? How do office romances figure in this milieu?

The authors' conclusions to these and other questions about sexual harassment in the workplace of North America provide us with a balanced and incisive understanding of what goes on. They also recommend ways to combat sexual harassment. Since this subject has till now been unexplored, avoided, and rife with myths and misinformation, this book is all the more important to our society.

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